FLORIDA PLYWOODS, INC. has two particleboard plants.  One manufactures particleboard which is custom engineered and used expressly for hardwood plywood with a particleboard core for kitchen cabinet end panels.  The second plant manufactures particleboard for laminated shelves and drawer sides.  This plant uses double refined particles that allow products to have precision edges and superior machining qualities.  A complete veneer plant is onsite in addition to plywood presses, saws, sanders, and other equipment.  All products are cut to specification.

Our site has three manufacturing plants, three rail sidings and employs 120 people.  Our location in North Florida provides access to ample southern soft textured hardwood within an economical freight range.  Within 100 miles there are 2 particleboard plants and 1 MDF plant as well as numerous southern yellow pine sawmills and 2 hardwood sawmills.  Being in North Florida freight rates are very competitive to all areas of the country.

Particleboard production eliminates the need to harvest excessive numbers of trees.  FLORIDA PLYWOOD uses veneer shorts (veneer developed from 8' veneer manufacture) and planer mill shavings (a by-product of dressing lumber) to make our hardwood plywood with particleboard core.  By insuring that trees aren't unnecessarily harvested, we preserve our environment and keep material cost low.  This provides a win, win situation for FLORIDA PLYWOOD, its customers, consumers and the environment.

Waste is recycled in our boiler to make steam for process heat and waste from veneer operations is chipped to make paper.

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